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Reviews for The Chiropractic Health Center

The The Chiropractic Health Center Team is warm and welcoming and we know that reviews matter. Dr. Birchler prides himself on treating kids to have the ability to grow up into healthy adults. He has helps thousands of patients get better and live happier, healthier lives. He would love to help you too! Check out what some of our patients have to say below and then call us today for an appointment!

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Extremely Helpful, Honest and Kind

I found this practice to be encouraging and non-judgmental. I like that! At my age, believe me, I know what I’m doing wrong and don’t need to be told what I already know. I found the staff and Dr Birchler to be extremely helpful, honest and kind.

– Dee E.

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Great Experience

Thank you so much for the great experience. I came into my first visit with high hopes and great expectations and they where exceeded from the moment I entered to the time I left. The doctor and staff could not have been more personable and professional while listening to my needs. I look forward to working with them and could not give them high enough reviews and would recommend to anyone. Thank you again.

– Mark P.

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Professional and Friendly

I love the essential oils in diffuser. The rooms are clean and modern. The bathroom is clean and stocked with nice extras. Dr. Birchler is professional, friendly, and on time. I love the design of the office. The assistants are bubbly and remember my name.

– Melinda S.

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Clear, Concise & Welcoming

Too many times when someone is introduced to new environments, the employees expect the visitor to understand the processes and procedures that are in place because it is commonplace to the work environment. In reality, a new patient likely doesn’t understand most of these things such as terminology, expectations, and appropriate paperwork needed for the appointment. Dr. Birchler and his staff were clear, concise, and welcoming regarding all of these fronts which allowed me to be at ease with a new experience.

-Jason F.
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His Adjustments Began To Help Right Away

“I came in just to see if I could get an appointment. I was so very pleasantly surprised that you could see me right then and there. Hollie took time to go over the paper work with me…. Explaining it to make it easier for me to fill out. She was very friendly and kind. I was also happy to learn that the x-rays and exam was under $20 I thot I’d have to go thru a bunch of assessments before you would work on me. Again I was pleasantly surprised that Dr Birchler was able and willing to begin working on me at that first visit. He took time to talk and listen and make a connection. His adjustments began to help right away. Thank you for seeing me. I look forward to continued healing and better movement and less pain.”

-Ruthi P.

Bella“I have always had terrible shoulder and knee pain. My primary care physician could not help me and wanted to put me on full time meds. I didn’t want that. My friend then suggested chiropractic. Chiropractic care has been great! The knee pain is almost non-existent. I can sit for longer periods of time without pain. The shoulder pain is very minimal when I eat sugar; otherwise I have no pain in the shoulder. Everyone should go to a chiropractor!”

-Bella W. – Baden, PA

I no longer wake up in pain. I can get a full night sleep!

“I had extreme pain in my neck, upper back, shoulders and radiating pain down my arm with significant numbness for 2 months. I went to a different chiropractor and a physical therapist and neither one were able to help me. I was referred to Dr. Birchler by a friend. I noticed an improvement right away! I can move or sit for long periods of time without pain. My advice to others: Not all chiropractors are the same and living on pain meds isn’t the answer. Dr. Birchler helped me when I began to think there was no hope.”

-Kimberly R.

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My son was struggling with constipation for a year…

“He was in a lot of pain and not himself. I found myself unable to leave the house due to his discomfort. After we tried different medications that did not help we were then referred to a GI specialist. I decided to take him to a chiropractor instead. Several friends recommended Dr. Birchler. After the second adjustment my son was able to use the bathroom and has not needed any medication. When he does start to struggle he gets adjusted and is able to use the bathroom within the next few hours.”

-Renea J. – Beaver Falls, PA

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Melissa“When I first came to the Chiropractic Health Center I was having a lot of neck pain and could not turn my head very far to the left or right. I can now move my neck completely to both sides. I still have occasional pain, but not nearly as bad as it was before.”

-Melissa P. – New Galilee, PA

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I started having pain in my lower back on the left side one Saturday…

“I didn’t think much of it until it got increasingly worse. By Monday morning, it hurt so bad I was worried enough to go to the emergency room. Basically, they eliminated reasons for the pain and sent me to my primary doctor. My doctor also eliminated reasons for the pain and suggested I go to an orthopedic doctor. I was given multiple pain medications, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatory drugs, but none of the medications worked. I was to the point that I wanted to lay in bed and cry all day. I decided that instead of going to the orthopedic doctor I would try a chiropractor. I knew Dr. Birchler from a group that we both belong to, so I called his office. After starting chiropractic care I feel much better. I haven’t missed any days of work and for the most part, I can do most everything I did before.”

-Tammy L. – Beaver Falls, PA

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I came in with constant heel pain, as well as shoulder pain from an injury…

“I consulted a physician, had x-rays and was referred to a specialist. I decided to seek out chiropractic care with Dr. Birchler, (referred by many clients)! I’m glad I sought chiropractic care before going to a specialist. Dr Birchler quickly assess the problem causing my symptoms. I experienced immediate relief and now I’m on a rehab plan to prevent future symptoms. I appreciate the friendly staff, contemporary environment and fast service!”

-Rob R. – Beaver Falls, PA

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Katie Bernard“I had a lot of lower back pain and knee pain while exercising. My low back pain would come and go, but when I had pain it was pretty bad. I was referred to Dr. Birchler by a friend. I have felt a noticeable difference, especially after sitting for long periods of time. My knee pain is also going away.”

-Katie B. – Beaver Falls, PA

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After a car accident in early January 2016, I suffered a lower back sprain…

“Basic tasks like putting on socks was painful, and being 10 weeks pregnant, I knew that I needed to find a treatment that was safe for my baby and myself. I had tried a few pain management options on my own, but it was clear these were only treating the symptoms and not the root cause. Dr. Birchler was so instrumental in helping my body heal. He developed a treatment plan that would also be beneficial to my pregnancy. I immediately started to improve in mobility and saw a definite decrease in pain.

Continue reading Meghan’s story…

Dr. Birchler continued to work with me throughout my pregnancy to make sure that my body was healed from the accident and healthy enough to deliver a baby. Now, I don’t have to think twice before bending over to put on my socks or pick up my newborn son. I greatly appreciate the holistic approach Dr. Birchler has for his patients. He is incredibly knowledgeable and was open to share helpful information with me about a healthy lifestyle and pregnancy throughout my treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Birchler to anyone in need of chiropractic care. You certainly cannot find doctors like him every day!”

-Meghan T. – Beaver Falls, PA

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After a sports injury, I knew I needed to see a specialist…

“After a sports injury to my neck and decades of sports and outdoor activities, I knew I needed to see a specialist but I wasn’t sure what my options were locally. I was experiencing nagging pain & stiffness in my neck and poor range of motion and flexibility which affected my job and active lifestyle. Dr. Birchler’s convenient location, payment options and flexible scheduling made my choice an easy one.

Continue reading Tom’s story…

My comprehensive posture exam and x-rays revealed more than just a neck out of alignment, it showed that I needed to be more aware of how I sit at work and Dr. Birchler also showed me some exercises to improve my strength and mobility. In addition to noticing better range of motion and flexibility every time I left his practice, Dr. Birchler also provided advice on allergies and food sensitivities I never would have expected to get from a chiropractor.

I am very satisfied with how my neck has responded to the treatment I received here and I now look forward to my monthly maintenance visits and would recommend The Chiropractic Health Center to anyone experiencing pain or seeking advice on a variety of other health related topics. You owe it to yourself to feel better, give this place a try! ”

-Tom B. – Beaver Falls, PA

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pam Braun“I’ve had pain in my hip since I was a child. The older I got the more frequent the pain became. I went to two different specialists, who told me nothing was wrong. After my first visit with Dr. Birchler I worked in the garden, moved 20 bags of mulch and no pain! I still get a small amount of pain, but nothing like what I’ve lived with my entire life. As the saying goes “nothing ventured, nothing gained”, I’ve gained my freedom of motion!”

-Pam B. – Ambridge, PA

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I have seen a chiropractor since I was 18…

“As a child I was “diagnosed” with a slight scoliosis and have had chronic pain for a long time. When I was pregnant with my 2nd child (and 80 lbs. over my healthy weight) I was having trouble simply walking from hip pain. My husband, Gary, met Dr. Birchler and suggested I see him. I had immediately felt comfortable in the office and with the way the office is conducted. After my first adjustment, I was able to function with much less pain!

Continue reading Lauren’s story…

I have continued to benefit from the wealth of knowledge Dr. Birchler offers for my overall wellness. I am blessed to call them our friends, and grateful I discovered them at such a time in my life. I now have more tools in how to raise a healthy family! My 2 year old son as seen “Doc Pete” regularly for the past six months. Thanks to that, he didn’t have to get ear tubes from chronic ear infections. God bless this beautiful practice!”

-Lauren I. –Rochester, PA

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